The upcoming most powerful feature of WhatsApp in 2024 is coming very soon

WhatsApp Features in 2024

Let’s know when the New Features of WhatsApp are going to come, WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo has revealed the new features.

Upcoming Most Powerful Feature of WhatsApp in 2024

In 2024, our tech world is moving forward with one of our most favorite apps being WhatsApp. This WhatsApp is also going to bring many attractive features. The main company of WhatsApp is Meta (Facebook). This meta (FaceBook) company has been researching some important features of WhatsApp for the past few months.

New Features Coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Username Feature

Among them, the main features are that WhatsApp is going to bring the features of username very soon. It would be great to have these features on WhatsApp. Because if there is a username option, you can easily find any person with the username.

another advantage is that the mobile number of the whatsapp user will be protected. No need to be harassed if you give whatsapp user name in any place. If there is a whatsapp number in many places, some spammers call the number and harass.

There are many benefits of having username features on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has not yet made any official announcement regarding these features. It’s WhatsApp Tracker WABetaInfo has released news of these features.

Cross-Platform Messaging Integration

Facebook does a lot of research for new features in WhatsApp and the research is very good. An important update of WhatsApp is that you can send SMS to other apps from a WhatsApp account.

It means you can chat on any third party chat app from whatsapp very easily this update is a big update. WABetaInfo said that this update is going to come in WhatsApp.

Cross-Platform Messaging Integration
Cross-Platform Messaging Integration

This WhatsApp update version is The features are very good for me. The reason is that I have WhatsApp but my friend doesn’t use WhatsApp. He uses Telegram or Signal and I can chat him on WhatsApp.

And he doesn’t need to install WhatsApp. He doesn’t even have to open a new WhatsApp account, it’s a big update. I am waiting for it.

Security Updates for WhatsApp in 2024

Introduction of Chat Lock Feature

Whatsapp is very careful about security in 2024 because whatsapp web is going to bring new update which is chat lock. These features are already coming to the mobile app and it also has many advantages.

Suppose your office has some important information on whatsapp then you can lock it. And if this is locked, your important information will be saved. WhatsApp is going to bring the same features to whatsapp, this feature will be really good.

Profile Screenshot Protection

One more update can be heard in 2024 which is that WhatsApp users cannot take screenshots of their profile. This feature is also going to be launched. Because WhatsApp is trying to protect users’ data.

Upcoming Features in WhatsApp

Favorite Contacts Feature

Some upcoming features are going to come in WhatsApp first is favorite contact our contact list has some important call list like father mother son daughter grandfather sister etc these contacts you can keep in favorite contact. In this case you can make quick calls in one click.

Sharing WhatsApp Status on Instagram

You see WhatsApp status can be given, and then there is another update of WhatsApp status that you have seen shared on Facebook. Now the upcoming update is that now you can share WhatsApp status on Instagram.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

This update has not been officially announced by WhatsApp or Facebook team, this information has been revealed by WABetaInfo.

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