Top 11 Useful Gadgets Under 100 Rupees in India 2024

We need many types of products in our daily life, and many are cheap and also very expensive, I will show you more than ten products under only 100 rupees right now.

these products are mostly for students and office, or in a word for tech lovers, because these products Tech guys will get a chance at this.

You can find these products mostly online, you can also find them offline if you search a bit, I will provide links to view or buy all the products.

you can buy these products from Amazon or Flipkart, you can also experiment with these products if you want.

Without further ado, let’s see directly the products under 100 rupees.

1. Writable LCD Writing Tablet Pad with Screen

This device is a user-friendly device, and this device is very useful, big and small, and it is very easy to make any note or sketch in one chance because it has one-click total removal,

and once it is charged, it can be charged for a long time. That cannot be said. Who needs this device? This device is great for little kids who are just learning any language like ABCD.

Written and deleted, and for those who are older and because they can also practice this device.

2. Portronics modesk universal Mobile holder stand with metal body

These holders have many functions in our daily life, these mobile holders are video call which helps a lot, stands are portable and compact.

You can take it wherever you want, there will be no problem, this universal holder that can hold different types of mobiles.

Can be held in portrait or landscape mode, and these mobile holders have many benefits, such as unlimited video calls.

Just put the mobile on the stand. And you can watch movies very well, Any books can be read very well. You can keep both mobile and tablet on this stand.

The price of these stands is between 100 rupees.

3. Sounce Clearing Softbrass Keyboard Cleaner Tools kit.

The price of this tool is only 99 rupees, this tool has a lot of functions, it is 5 in one multi-function syllabary tools. You will get these tools or 5 options.

One is a soft big brush and the second is a keyboard opening tool and the third is a small brush. And the fourth is a metal nib and the fifth is a sponge.

These work differently. The job of big brass is to clean any place,

And the work of the small brass is to clean the air buds or air pads,

There is another tool which is useful for extracting keyboard keys,

And the job of the nib is to help clean the buds and accumulated dirt,

And there is a sponge, its job is to clean the dirt inside the buds.

Its price is only 100 rupees.

4. spiral Charger Cable Protector

The function of this spiral cable is to protect any type of cable, Such as charger cables, headphones etc. Only 2 sides of the cable should be attached.

Its price is under 100 rupees.

5. Zebronics Zeb Power Wire USB Mouse 3 Button 1200 DPI Optical Sensor

It is a wired mouse, and its price is very low, the DP of this mouse is 1200, And if you want to use this mouse, you can use it as a mobile device, and the warranty of this mouse is 6 months.

6. Wall mounted mobile holder storage case for remote Wall mount cable stand multipurpose stand with all for phone charging

It is a wall mount stand, its function is to charge the mobile and keep it in this holder.Because many people have electric boards at home and no place to keep mobiles.

Many people also have a home board and a place to keep the charger, but the charger and the cable are small, so it is a problem to charge.
So this holder is very useful, just put it next to the electric board, charge any mobile and insert it into the mobile holder.

The price of this holder is 100 rupees.

7. Photonics swipe z screen cleaner and duster with reefable spray bottle

This product is a unique product. Its job is to clean the display.It has an inbuilt water spary, which works to lightly spray the mobile and then clean i.

This is a very unique product. It is so compatible and portable that you can take it anywhere, it has many functions.

And the price is under 100.

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